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The Fusion of Formula One innovation and wind turbine aerodynamics.
Yielding higher returns with minimal investment. Our Team is led by Ben Wood, Ex-Head of Aerodynamics at Mercedes Grand Prix. Anakata offers a suite of aerodynamic add-ons tailored to any wind turbine at any location, all designed to maximise AEP (Annual Energy Production) by enhancing the performance of existing hardware. Contact Anakata for an EVALUATION of your wind turbine’s UNLOCKED POTENTIAL

Retro-Fit or Factory-Fit devices for reduced cost of energy

Anakata's range of aerodynamic add-ons can be tailored to any turbine model to maximise energy capture and reduce noise.

Anakata Winglets
A full set of Anakata winglets can be installed on a turbine in less than one day, and can deliver AEP gains of up to 4%. Anakata's patent pending technology is a very low mass device which delivers a significant increase in torque.

Anakata Vortex Generators
Anakata vortex generators can deliver AEP gains of up to 5%. These devices provide a variety of aerodynamic improvements including stall prevention caused by leading edge erosion, and stall prevention at the rotor blade root.

Anakata Lip
The Anakata lip can deliver AEP gains of up to 2.5% by increasing torque at the rotor blade root. This area of the blade is often neglected and as a result almost all turbines can benefit from this device.

Anakata Serrations
Anakata serrations can reduce sound emissions by around 2dB. This is important at noise sensitive sites where power production has been de-rated in order to comply with requirements for low sound levels. This device enables power production to be up-rated without exceeding sound level limits. AEP gains can be significant.

Different combinations of Anakata devices can deliver AEP gains of up to 10% with a typical payback period of less than two years.

We are delighted to be a finalist for the Best Innovation Award at the Scottish Renewables Green Energy Awards for our project with Ventient Energy, where following a successful trial with our upgrade packs that have delivered significant AEP uplift, we have successfully deployed our packs on a total of 61 turbines.

Anakata has formed a technology partnership with the Dutch wind turbine manufacturer EWT – the world’s leading turbine supplier for localised energy generation and repowering - to collaborate on the development of next-generation blade technology.

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Anakata was selected as a finalist of the 2019 Shell Springboard low-carbon innovation awards for its advanced aerodynamic upgrade technology for wind turbines.

We will be launching a new website in November 2021. In the meantime, if you would like to find out more about Anakata, please contact us on info@anakatawindpower.com