The Fusion of Formula One innovation and wind turbine aerodynamics.
Yielding higher returns with minimal investment. Our Team is led by Ben Wood, Ex-Head of Aerodynamics at Mercedes Grand Prix. Anakata offers a suite of inexpensive aerodynamic add-ons tailored to any wind turbine at any location, all designed to maximise AEP (Annual Energy Production) by enhancing the performance of existing hardware. Contact Anakata for a free EVALUATION of your wind turbine’s UNLOCKED POTENTIAL

Retrofit devices for reduced cost of energy

High Performance Blade Design

Revolutionary technology development

Anakata Vortex Generators are capable of delivering up to 5% AEP.

Used for a variety of aerodynamic improvements including stall prevention due to leading edge erosion and blade root stall prevention.

Anakata Winglets can be installed within a day.
AEP gain up to 4% by using our Patent Applied Design to add a large increase in torque with our very low mass tip device. They can be used in conjunction with a rotor extension for even more power.

Anakata Lip is a powerful tool for increasing torque in the root area of the bladethat almost every turbine can benefit from AEP gain up to 2.5%.

Anakata Serrations reduce sound power emissions by around 2dB and allow de-rated turbine to be up-rated in noise sensitive sites giving significant extra output improvements.

This allows us to understand the performance of the blade from root to tip and select from our comprehensive range of add-on devices, which will then be tailored to the specific blade.

Power performance analysis of the upgraded turbine is carried out using the industry-standard methods of comparing 3-6 months of SCADA data of the baseline turbine.

Retro-Fit or Factory-Fit devices for increased Annual Energy Output. Are you MAXIMISING the potential of every installation?

Every rotor can be improved and very rarely is a turbine operating at its design limit. Anakata’s range of aerodynamic add-ons will be tailored to your turbine model to maximise energy capture and reduce noise.

Our wide selection of devices means that you can customise site installation on a turbine-by-turbine basis. Our next-generation of add-on devices are inspired by cutting-edge Formula One technology and include Vortex Generators, Winglets, Lips (or Tabs?) and Serrations. Anakata uses the latest design and manufacturing techniques and has it’s add-on technology installed on OnShore and OffShore MW-class turbines. These add-ons are available for both Retro-Fit and OEM Factory-Fit customers. AEP gains of up to 10% can be achieved with a short payback period of typically less than 18 months. Anakata will undertake a free evaluation of your wind turbine to determine its potential for aerodynamic upgrade. This allows us to understand the performance of the blade from root to tip, and recommend the optimum combination of add-on kit to maximise AEP. Central to this process are customer requirements for ROI (Return on Investment).

Power performance analysis of the upgraded turbine is carried out using the industry-standard methods of comparing 3-6 months of SCADA data to a control turbine turbine. Please contact to arrange an appraisal.

High-performance blade design

Is your rotor working hard enough for you?

The rotor is the first phase of the energy transformation process from kinetic wind energy into mechanical torque, and as such is where investment in technology should be maximised. Aerodynamics is overlooked by many wind turbine designers because they do not understand what is possible; as such they continue to use out-dated technology and design methods.

Compared to blades using standard aerofoils (e.g. NACA/FFA/DU), Anakata blades produce up to 3% more AEP and are up to 3dB quieter, or 25% lighter.

Anakata designs holistically using a combination of industry-standard BEM modelling, advanced full-rotor 3D CFD methods, and wind tunnel testing. We have experience of testing in a number of state-of-the-art wind tunnels including Deutsche WindGuard, Cologne KKK, Stuttgart LWK, Virginia Tech., Mercedes F1, and Williams F1. We use a variety of testing techniques including full 3D model motion systems and infrared boundary layer visualisations.

Our wealth of design experience allows us to optimise blades to your requirements to achieve the best compromise of AEP, loads, and cost.

Revolutionary technology development

Trying to break the technology curve with your next rotor?

Anakata is your partner of choice for advanced blade technology development. Whether it is evaluating and progressing your own designs or licensing our unique Formula One-inspired technology, we can help you stay ahead of the competition.

We are specialists in novel aero-structural concepts, aero-elasticity for load control, fluidic logic, and cutting-edge composite design.

There is more money spent globally on aerodynamics R&D in Formula One than in the aerospace and wind turbine industries combined, yet technology transfer is scarce between these industries. Anakata UK is creating a fusion between these fields.

After technical inspection by the UK Government as well as industrial and academic experts, Anakata has been awarded a grant by the UK Department for Energy and Climate Change to develop a 15m-diameter advanced technology demonstrator wind turbine rotor. The blades for this prototype will be installed in the UK to showcase some of our design philosophies and blue-sky development.

Anakata has formed a technology partnership with the Dutch wind turbine manufacturer EWT – the world’s leading turbine supplier for localised energy generation and repowering - to collaborate on the development of next-generation blade technology.

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Anakata has been selected as a finalist of the 2018 Shell Springboard low-carbon innovation awards. In March Anakata will compete alongside 15 other finalists and present our advanced aerodynamic upgrade technology for wind turbines.

For further enquiries please contact:

Ben Wood, Director